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Carole is by far the best when it comes to our oriental shorthair babies!! I’ve been blessed to adopt 3 babies as well as referring my best friend! I couldn’t be more pleased with the experience I’ve had with her!! Even after you take your baby home she will reach out and keep in contact to make sure everything is going great. ❤️❤️❤️

Lauren Renee

Worth waiting for!!! I 100% recommend oriental shorthair Cattery. Carole is amazing, informative, and helpful through the whole process. She provided us with pics and updates until it was time to bring our little girl home. We have had our kitten almost a year and she still continues to stay in contact and provides support if I have any questions. I cannot say enough good things about this breeder.

Benjamin Terhile Saam

OMG. This was the best experience. I had been on the fence for so long. I finally selected my new kitten. The entire process was wonderful. I adopted a cute little boy. His name is Bugatti.

Sandra Bishop

Gibbs is the best! She has the most beautiful babies! I’m so in love with my Troy, he is so lovey, playful, funny and amazing. Can’t wait to get another baby from Oriental Shorthair Home. Stop looking for another cattery and get in touch with oriental shorthair Home, you will not be disappointed.

Benjamin Terhile Saam

I bought two male kittens from oriental shorthair cattery last year. First, Gibbs made the process exceedingly easy by being very pleasant and responsive to all my questions. I must say customer service has been exceptional. Second, the cats themselves came as advertised. Incredibly cute kittens have grown into beautiful cats with wonderful personalities. They’re very sociable and playful and at the same time easy going and respectful of our own space. The experience has so far been very positive. I highly recommend oriental shorthair as a reputable oriental shorthairs breeder.

Mandy Isaacson Backlund

We absolutely recommend oriental shorthair Kittens Home. Carole was so nice and sent regular updates and pictures. We even got to visit our baby boy Elliott. He is purrrfect.

Chris Noyola